Identity Management - A Secure Future

ImageWare Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of identity management solutions driven by multi-modal biometrics. We deliver multi-modal biometric identity management solutions for user authentication on premises and in the cloud. Our patented, agnostic, plug-n-play technology promotes interactive communication and Out-Of-Band Authentication on mobile platforms and brings security to an all new level. Our innovative products, such as GoCloudID™ and GoMobile Interactive™, enable modular, flexible, and scalable identity solutions across a variety of markets, including mobile, wireless, financial services, and healthcare. ImageWare’s identity management system allows customers to easily add a secure layer of biometric authentication to a variety of platforms and services.


Three foundational technologies form the basis of ImageWare's multi-modal biometric and credential offerings: Multi-Modal Biometric Matching, Multi-Modal Biometric Capture and Credential Issuance. Our products utilize these technologies, together and independently, to provide our customers with the latest in biometric identity management solutions.


IWS brings together cloud and mobile technology to offer multi-factor authentication for all mobile devices, for the banking, healthcare, and retail vertical markets. IWS software solutions support multi-modal biometric authentication with a variety of factors including voice, fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, and signature.


ImageWare Systems, Inc. can provide customized, tailored-for-your-business services, as well as our off-the-shelf products. We can provide a customized identity management system for a large range of industries including healthcare, mobile, law enforcement, marketing, civil, and corporate.

OVUM Analyst Report Highlights ImageWare

Ovum, a leader providing clients with independent and objective analysis that enables them to make better business and technology decisions, published an "On the Radar" report on ImageWare Systems titled, "Delivering Next-Generation Biometrics as an Interactive and Scalable Cloud-Based Service."

Frost & Sullivan Report

ImageWare Systems and Fujitsu partner up to provide a Biometrics-as-a-Service and Identity-as-a-Service identity management service. The solution, being cloud-based, is offered as a service or on a transactional basis. It is designed to deliver enterprise class, real-world solutions to meet current biometric identity management, enrollment, authentication and verification needs. This adaptable, modular structure can be scaled, modified, and enhanced as business requirements evolve.

pillphone Video

The pillphone® is an FDA-cleared, biometrically secured, mobile health management application powered by GoMobile Interactive™. The FDA-cleared application offers interactive medication reminders and information exchange to help healthcare payers, providers, and others connect with patients. Utilizing ImageWare’s biometric identity management services for security, pillphone is not only easy-to-use, but also secure.

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