Products Overview

Biometric Identification

Three foundational technologies form the basis of ImageWare®’s multi-modal biometric identification system and credential offerings:

Multi-Modal Biometric Matching:

ImageWare’s IWS Biometric Engine® is the first and only truly multi-modal, device and algorithm independent, biometric software platform. This patented, open architecture, biometric identification, software platform optimizes biometric identification technology, enrollment, management, and authentication, while supporting more than a dozen biometric modalities.

The recently re-engineered IWS Biometric Engine® 2.0, combines significantly enhanced performance and broader scalability with an SOA architecture. This makes it possible to offer cloud-based biometric identification technology services – enrollment, identity vetting, identification and verification – with near limitless scaling of computational and storage capacity.

Multi-Modal Biometric Capture: EPI Builder® provides the foundation for a multi-modal biometric identification and capture platform that ensures device interoperability and support for centralized and distributed deployment models.  Acting as a device abstraction layer, EPI Builder supports a customer-centric solution model that incorporates multiple types of biometric identification capture devices from a broad range of vendors, via device plug-ins that make it easy to swap one vendor’s device for another.

Credential Issuance: ImageWare®  uses its extensive biometric identification system to deliver highly secure, high-quality, and customized credentialing. These include simple, single-sided “dumb” photo ID cards to complex, tamper-resistant, secure, electronic identity documents, such as driver licenses, passports, and national identity cards.

ImageWare’s time tested foundational technologies have been incorporated into IWS CloudID®. CloudID is a highly modular, SOA-based software platform that delivers an unsurpassed ability to rapidly develop and deploy highly secure, yet flexible standards-based identity solutions. It continuously adapts to evolving customer requirements and emerging market demands.  It truly delivers on the promise of Future Proof Identity.

Two significant innovations differentiate this next generation identity platform:

  1. CloudID extends the flexible, technology/vendor- independent “plug-in” approach, which ImageWare invented for biometric applications across the entire biometric identification system.  Thus,creating a layered, highly modular product suite.
  2. CloudID achieves optimal performance whether delivered as part of traditional on-premise client server computing solutions, or embedded in cloud-based services.

IWS CloudID is easily incorporated into new or existing cloud-enabled environments or integrated as cloud-ready software into traditional networked client server and data center IT infrastructures. CloudID achieves optimal performance in either configuration and is easily transitioned from non-cloud to cloud environments.

ImageWare’s technology is also applicable in the mobile environment using GoMobile Interactive®. This push application platform enables the creation of a more interactive mobile application experience  Biometric identification technology, combined with authentication, offers increased security when more sensitive data is involved.

The FDA-cleared pillphone® application is an excellent example of the interactive power and biometric authentication technology of this revolutionary mobile application platform at work. This unique mobile health management application offers proactive medication reminders and information exchange to improve treatment adherence, while giving users the confidence that all of their personal medical information is secure.