IWS CloudID Product Suite

Leveraging more than a decade of expertise innovating advanced multi-modal biometric and credentialing solutions, ImageWare Systems has developed a revolutionary enterprise class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based software platform for creating extraordinarily modular, flexible, and scalable Future Proof Identity solutions. 

ImageWare’s next generation IWS CloudID Product Suite is optimized for biometric matching performance and configuration flexibility addressing requirements for the highest level of multi-modal and multi factor authentication. IWS CloudID offers System Integrators and Identity Service Solution providers an unsurpassed ability to rapidly develop and deploy customized standards based identity solutions that can be easily reconfigured to adapt to evolving customer requirements and emerging market demands.

Two significant innovations differentiate this next generation identity platform:

  1. IWS CloudID extends the flexible, technology and vendor independent “plug-in” approach Imageware invented for biometric applications, across the entire identity platform creating a layered, highly modular product suite.
  2. IWS CloudID achieves optimal performance whether delivered as part of networked server computing solutions or embedded in cloud-based services.

IWS CloudID provides a level of modularity, interoperability and massive scalability – from mobile devices to large-scale databases -- previously unavailable in the biometrics and credentialing marketplace supporting enterprise class biometric identity management solutions for data sets in the hundreds of millions.

Cloud Based and Cloud Ready

While offering fully Cloud-enabled capabilities today is critical, equally important is the ability of newly developed or upgraded identity solutions to be Cloud ready. Cloud ready software assures confident investment in identity infrastructures that can easily be transitioned to operate in cloud environments without significant disruption or redevelopment.

IWS CloudID is designed to effectively operate in both Cloud and traditional networked client server environments. IWS CloudID is easily incorporated into new or existing cloud enabled environments or integrated into traditional client server and data center IT infrastructures then transitioned to the Cloud as required. 

IWS CloudID products are cloud-enabled through the use of SOA (System Oriented Architecture) protocols, services, and security infrastructures.  These protocols can be used on an internal client/server network, a private cloud, a public cloud, or even a public/private hybrid cloud .

IWS CloudID Architecture

ImageWare’s IWS CloudID Product Suite is designed to deliver enterprise class, real-world solutions to meet current biometric identity management and credentialing needs in an adaptable, modular structure that can be scaled, modified, and enhanced with evolving requirements.

IWS CloudID consists of three independent yet tightly integrated software layers that include client and server software modules that can be selected and configured to create customized solutions and reusable identity frameworks. These layers are IWS CloudID Server Platform,IWS CloudID Business Services, and IWS CloudID Applications.

IWS CloudID Product Suite

Software Layer Software Components

(Client: COTS/Custom)
 • QuickCapture
 • QuickID
 • QuickBadge
• EBTS Workstation
• EPI Builder®
• Custom Application
Business Services

(Server: COTS/Custom)
  • Workflow, often specific and tailored to a solution
• External to or integrated into Server Components
Server Platform

(Server: COTS)
 • Biometric Engine®
 • Biographic Mgmt Engine
 • Document Server
• Credential Mgmt Server
• EPTS Server
• Analytics Server

IWS CloudID Server Platform: A set of configurable, server-based software modules designed to add or enhance biometric identity management and credential issuance capabilities to existing applications or support the development of these capabilities in new end-to-end applications. This includes IWS Biometric Engine® 2.0 (BE 2) which represents the heart of the server platform.

IWS CloudID Business Services: A set of configurable, business service software modules designed to enable existing or new applications to leverage the capabilities of the GoCloudID.com Server Platform.

IWS CloudID Applications: A set of configurable client-based applications that provide out-of-the-box biometric enrollment, identification and verification, as well as card printing and encoding capabilities designed to enable rapid development and deployment of biometric identity management and credentialing solutions. 

The IWS CloudID Product Suite is compatible with industry-leading and custom identity management servers and software components. This allows solution developers to replace or supplement Server platform, Business Services or Application modules with their own proprietary or independent third-party offerings.

This compatibility is based on IWS CloudID SOA Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) approach that incorporates XML (SOAP) as the default Application Programming Interface (API) for all software modules. This makes IWS CloudID modules programming language agnostic, accessible from any popular programing language, including Java.

The ESB approach ensures maximum flexibility for integrating IWS CloudID with existing and emerging commercial and open source ESB based platforms. It also facilitates the rapid development of IWS CloudID based or supported enterprise level identity solutions.

IWS CloudID leverages the ESB model as it is inherently designed for large-scale application development and deployment, capable of integrating disparate server hardware, operating systems, and applications and highly available, and easily scalable, clustered and replicated. The ESB approach guarantees that IWS CloudID can continue to deliver the level of flexibility, scalability, and performance required to provide foundational identity capabilities for evolving Cloud technologies and platforms.

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