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GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite Product Sheet

ImageWare GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite provides high assurance authentication with unlimited scalability for both mobile and stationary workforces without sacrificing agility or user experience. It’s a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go, scale-as-you-need, Software as a Service solution that is easy to install, manage, and operate.

ImageWare GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite provides 360° security to all enterprise stakeholders, employees, non-employee partners, suppliers, vendors, consultants, and customers. It delivers secure enterprise applications and workspaces, inside and outside of the network.


GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite Product Overview

Sensitive data resides on mobile devices, cloud services, and other locations outside your network. Authorized business users are no longer limited to employees. They now include partners, suppliers, vendors, customers, consultants, and more.

As leaders in multi-modal, multi-factor biometrics, we’ve parlayed our experience with successful, large-scale government security deployments and 20 biometric patents, with 14 more pending, into a revolutionary solution for the enterprise that covers all stakeholders in all circumstances.


GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for the Financial Services Industry

ImageWare GoVerifyID provides an intuitive user experience for biometric user authentication across all platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, PCs, and other systems. Organizations and users can select the biometrics of their choice, such as face, voice, fingerprint, iris, and palm. Biometric matching can be performed on-device, in the cloud, or on your own servers.

GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite provides seamless integration with the security infrastructure that is commonly used in the financial services industry. This includes certified integrations with products from Microsoft, CA, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and HPE.


GoVerifyID Product Sheet

For the enterprise, GoVerifyID is an ultra-scalable, multi-modal Software as a Service solution. It’s easy to install with no upfront cost and no disruption to your business. You can pay-as-you–go and scale-as-you-need. To the end user, GoVerifyID is an easy to use app that’s downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Identification is as simple as taking a selfie, speaking a passphrase or swiping a finger.

With ImageWare’s Mobile biometric user authentication software as a service, you become the password. Learn more about GoVerifyID with this easy to understand overview.


GoVerifyID for Healthcare

GoVerifyID solves the patient identification challenge and protects your sensitive healthcare data. GoVerifyID brings security and convenience to your healthcare organization by using the biometrics of your choice. Patients and healthcare professionals simply swipe a finger, take a selfie, or speak a passphrase on any connected device to authenticate themselves, anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about how GoVerifyID can help assure the right person gets access to the correct healthcare information with this comprehensive look at GoVerifyID for Healthcare.


GoVerifyID Datasheet

GoVerifyID is an end-to-end mobile biometric user authentication Software as a Service solution. It allows an organization to quickly, easily, and inexpensively add face, voice, and fingerprint authentication into any existing security process. It’s so easy, you can authenticate with biometrics anywhere. You become the password.

This comprehensive datasheet contains all the technical specifications you need to explore integrating GoVerifyID into your day to day operations.


GoVerifyID IBM Security Access Manager Integration

IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) provides single sign-on, risk-based access, and identity federation with an integrated management console. GoVerifyID integrates with ISAM to add biometric authentication to your IBM security and identity management infrastructure.

Learn more about how GoVerifyID, integrated with ISAM, is the best choice for advanced, biometric-enabled, mobile authentication.


GoVerifyID CA Integration

CA Single Sign-On is an authentication solution that permits a user to enter one username and password in order to access multiple applications. ImageWare’s GoVerifyID, integrated with CA Single Sign-On, allows users to simply use a fingerprint, take a selfie, or speak a passphrase on their mobile devices to authenticate for SSO managed applications.

Learn more about how GoVerifyID, integrated with CA Single Sign-On, is the best choice for advanced, biometric-enabled, mobile authentication.


GoVerifyID SAP Integration

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID, integrated with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud Identity, allows users to simply use a fingerprint, take a selfie, or speak a passphrase on their mobile devices to authenticate for SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications.

Learn more about how GoVerifyID, integrated with SAP, is the best choice for advanced, biometric-enabled, mobile authentication.


Aruba and ImageWare Deliver Convenient and Secure Network Access

ImageWare is an Aruba Exchange Partner that provides an integrated MFA workflow for ClearPass customers. ImageWare’s GoVerifyID allows ClearPass customers to replace (or augment) their password or token-based authentication with a secondary biometric authentication method of their choice, using existing mobile devices.


pillphone Overview

pillphone® is an enterprise solution that ensures medication compliance with mobile technology and patient engagement. This FDA-cleared enterprise application offers interactive medication adherence reminders and information exchange to help healthcare payers, providers, and others connect with patients. By enabling real-time, two-way information exchange that engages patients, it tackles one of the toughest healthcare issues — medication adherence.


Why GoCloudID & What It Can Do For You

GoCloudID is a cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management platform that puts reliable, simple, and cost-effective identity verification onto your mobile applications; allowing you to provide fraud prevention and identity protection to your customers.


White Papers

GoVerifyID Solution Brief
How to secure your assets and provide a convenient login experience.

ImageWare Systems’ GoVerifyID provides patented multi-modal biometric identity authentication that can be used in place of passwords or as an additional layer of second-factor authentication.

GoVerifyID works with your existing mobile devices to eliminate new hardware costs for specialized biometric scanning devices. This paper offers an in-depth look at how ImageWare’s technology can easily, and inexpensively help solve this complex security solution.


Using Biometrics for Password Reset
How to secure and simplify your password reset process.

When it comes to resetting passwords, it is optimal to choose security solutions that provide the highest level of security, the best user experience, and are able to support your business processes.

When multi-modal biometrics are combined with mobile and cloud technology, you can achieve the ultimate level of security, convenience, and usability for Self-Service Password Reset. This white paper explores our solution in an easy to understand, comprehensive, in-depth manner.


Biometric Engine White Paper

The IWS Biometric Engine® is a scalable, agnostic, omni-biometric identity management solution that delivers non-refutable proof of identity and ensures only valid individuals gain access to controlled areas or obtain secure documents. The IWS Biometric Engine is available as part of a Web-based, biometric enrollment and identity verification application. It is also available as a software developer’s kit (SDK) that enables system integrators to build custom identity verification applications or incorporate biometric enrollment, search, and authentication functionality into existing applications.


Analyst Reports

Best Practices for Selecting New User Authentication Methods

Passwords are becoming less and less reliable in protecting our data and identities. As Gartner stated on it’s blog, highlighting a Verizon data breach, over 95% of web application attacks involve use of stolen passwords. The complexity of managing, protecting, and memorizing passwords is becoming increasingly problematic, driving the adoption of multi-factor authentication.

This Gartner document will help you understand how to provide authentication methods that best meet your specific needs.

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Enterprise-Ready, End-to-End Biometric Authentication for the Microsoft Ecosystem Featuring Gartner Research

A newsletter featuring Gartner Research and describing the ImageWare GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite in detail. Gartner describes the key challenges facing enterprises for providing authentication for their extended workforces. Gartner also provides recommendations to IT Security staff for selecting authentication solutions to meet the wide range of needs facing the enterprise. 

ImageWare describes how its GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite addresses these challenges to provide a cost-effective, enterprise-ready, end-to-end biometric authentication solution for the Microsoft ecosystem. In the newsletter, the architecture, components, features and benefits of the solution are described.

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Cloud-Based Identity and Authentication: Biometrics-as-a-Service

As a leading ICT services provider, Fujitsu envisions developing a cloud-based biometrics platform that is hardware and algorithm agnostic to match the multifaceted business needs of users. Its new Biometrics-as-a-Service meets the need for holistic end-to-end provisioning of an enterprise grade, cloud-based identity platform through Fujitsu’s successful partnership with ImageWare.

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Ovum “On The Radar” Research Featuring ImageWare Systems

ImageWare is a developer of leading-edge, identity-based, credential management solutions that are driven by biometric technology. Biometrics used as a component of secure multi-factor authentication is well established, but has often been limited to highly secure environments. The ImageWare approach of delivering next-generation biometric technology as an interactive and scalable cloud-based service, by providing authentication via the latest range of smart mobile devices, engages IWS with two of the most challenging and at the same time dynamic areas of the technology market.

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Case Studies

Case Study

El Hongo Prison, Baja, Mexico

ImageWare’s technology enables large scale prisoner movement through the Crime Capture System (CCS), which is a scalable, easy-to-use digital booking and mugshot system that enables law enforcement to capture, store, and retrieve images and related information.


Case Study
UPS Security Technology Group

At a time when ID cards were a must-have in certain delivery areas, UPS found that it was not feasible for every location to purchase a system and the supplies necessary to create the new, secure, and authenticated ID card for the drivers. Corporate Security decided that a centralized badging solution was the best alternative. UPS purchased licensing to utilize EpiWeb®, a web-based badging system designed by ImageWare Systems. The Security Technology Group quickly developed procedures to train personnel in various UPS locations on the system. Using a web-browser and digital camera, each location was able to send their badging requests to Louisville, where thousands of ID badges were produced with immediate turnaround and delivery by UPS shipping.


Case Study

Arizona Department of Public Safety

For years Arizona has been leveraging ImageWare technologies to not only capture digital mugshots and booking data, but to share that data among 24 Sheriff, Corrections, and Police Departments in addition to agencies, such as the FBI, INS, and Customs.


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