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GoCloudID® is an agnostic, cloud-based, identity management platform that reliably manages access to biometric enrollment & verification. It provides rapid, integrated, flexible, and scalable deployment as an end-to-end or modular solution. It offers full anonymous ID management and conveniently enables biometric security for applications on all mobile devices. It is the only hosted biometric identity management solution on the market that allows easy adoption with no start-up costs.

Described as a web portal for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provisioning, GoCloudID provides an online subscription to biometric identity management as a service, interactive messaging for mobile applications as a service, integrated interactive messaging, and biometric verification.

GoCloudID Features

Biometric Identity
Management as a Service


Interactive Messaging for
Mobile Applications as a Service

Integrated Interactive Messaging
and Biometric Verification

GoCloudID is built on ImageWare’s IWS Biometric Engine®, a patented multi-biometric database platform. It is a multi-customer SaaS biometric identity management system that can include full identity management, using raw biometric capture and biographic identity data. It allows for rapid development of biometrically enabled applications on any platform, such as mobile, desktop, and tablet.

GoCloudID is deployed on the cloud, which provides a flexible, scalable, and elastic platform. Furthermore, we provide downloadable SDK’s for rapid integration. All these factors combined, provides a quick and easy startup with little or no cost.

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