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Sixty-seven percent of users say they have “no trust that bank details are secure” as the reason they will not use their smartphone as a credit card.
— Strategy Analytics, 2013

Why Use GoMobile Interactive for mobile payments?

With the rapid adoption of mobile banking, usernames and passwords are not enough…

GoMobile Interactive® (GMI) is an API-driven mobile platform that combines dynamic template-based messaging with multi-modal biometrics for added security. It allows a sender to compose a message utilizing user-defined graphic, text, or video templates that are informational or in the form of a questionnaire. The recipient responds by selecting one or more answers that correspond to a pre-assigned response key. This differs from push messaging, which are static messages and the responses fall into a “yes/no” variable. If the sender wishes to send out a customized message, they need to do so manually and only one recipient at a time can be chosen.

This enables companies to create mobile applications that enable a range of unprecedented activities — from secure sharing of sensitive information to the realization of a true mobile wallet. This mobile biometric authentication gives mobile users the confidence that their personal information is secure. The push marketing capabilities of the technology allow companies unparalleled interactivity that can be personalized to the needs and interests of their customers.

Building on our IWS Biometric Engine® GMI offers the security needed to protect a customer’s entire mobile life. As mobile devices become an increasingly vital and useful tool, the unparalleled protection of creating mobile biometric devices, using multi-modal biometrics, enables powerful value-added activities, such as device security and two-way communication. As an example, one of the first applications of GoMobile Interactive is to secure, with mobile biometrics, our FDA-cleared pillphone® application. Through mobile biometrics, patients and healthcare providers can rest assured that sensitive medical information can only be accessed by the patient. This helps increase adherence to medication instructions and facilitates more effective mobile healthcare management.

Because GoMobile Interactive creates mobile biometric devices from existing hardware, it is fast, easy, and convenient for you and your customers. Whether your company wants to increase interaction with your customer-base, deliver value-added, loyalty-building tools, or enable mobile wallet functionality, GoMobile Interactive can make interactive mobile biometric devices happen.

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