Secure Healthcare Communications Platform Enabling Medication Adherence & Patient Engagement


Secure Healthcare Communications Platform Enabling Medication Adherence & Patient Engagement

FDA Cleared LogoThe pillphone® is the only FDA-cleared application for medication adherence and patient engagement. It provides a biometrically secured mobile communication system between patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

The pillphone® increases patient education, supports chronic conditions, increases medication adherence, and avoids non-urgent use of ER. The secure communication platform increases staff productivity by allowing the medical team to remotely monitor and support patients outside the walls of the physician’s office, pharmacy, or hospital.

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pillphone Architecture

pillphone Architecture

Virtual Care, Remote Monitoring, and Clinical Communications

pillphone is an FDA-cleared enterprise level mobile communication platform connecting healthcare providers with patients and providing support when the patients are outside of the medical facility. It streamlines workflows and improves care team communication and collaboration with the patient by offering personalized relevant two-way interactive secure messaging and real-time remote medication monitoring.

The pillphone app works on smartphones and tablets. It offers an interactive permission based provider portal for remote monitoring, secure messaging, surveys, and educational videos. It is designed to be thoroughly integrated with other healthcare systems. The pillphone server can be hosted in the cloud or on a healthcare provider’s premises.


  • Patient Medication List
  • Searchable Medication Information
  • Medication Reminders
  • Missed Dosage Alerts
  • Dosage Diaries
  • Family Member / Caregiver Support
  • Extensive Medication Database
  • Available in English and Spanish, with support for additional languages


  • Lowers healthcare costs
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Increases medication adherence
  • Accelerates prescription refills
  • Reduces preventable hospital readmissions
  • Avoids non-urgent use of ER
  • Manages chronic disease
  • Increases CMS star rating
  • Automates & digitizes clinical trials

pillphone Provides Value for All Stakeholders

Enables real-time medication monitoring and clinical communication between patients and healthcare providers

The pillphone enables care teams to securely communicate and collaborate with patients outside of the healthcare organization, track adherence, send lab results, provide chronic disease education, conduct surveys, provide informational videos, send personalized messaging, such as refill/renewal messages, and schedule doctor appointments.

Enables home care staff to manage complex medication regimes

The pillphone enables home care staff to manage complex medication regimes by reviewing current medication lists, viewing dosage diaries for non-adherence, and reconciling medication usage.

Improves patient outcomes and reduces costs

The pillphone enables Healthcare Providers to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by: 

  • Providing real-time medication monitoring 
  • Sending videos, surveys, links, and other information
  • Enabling direct communication to the patient
Enables pharmacists to accelerate prescription refills and renewals 

The pillphone enables pharmacists to accelerate prescription refills and renewals by: 

  • Sending Rx refill and renewal alert messages
  • Scheduling appointments for drug consultations
  • Tracking and monitoring medication adherence in real-time
Enhances pharmaceutical company branding with patient engagement and education

The pillphone enhances pharmaceutical company branding by:

  • Providing patient education for new medications
  • Promoting and supporting medication usage
  • Enabling real-time post market surveillance data
Automates and digitizes clinical trials 

The pillphone automates and digitizes the clinical trial process thereby:

  • Providing more accurate and timely results
  • Ensuring quality and accuracy of patient data
  • Automating data collection and reducing costs

Medication Non-Adherence: A $300 Billion Problem

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    Medication nonadherence results in approximately 125,000 preventable deaths a year

  • Connector.

    64 percent of readmissions within 30 days are due to medication issues

  • Connector.

    Half of all patients do not take their medications as prescribed

  • Connector.

    Adherence is lowest among patients with chronic illnesses

Reference: Copyright ©2011 Walgreen Corporation. All rights reserved. Georgia Hospital Association Reducing Readmission Learning Collaborative – November 7, 2012.

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Clinical Trial shows trends in improving medication and adherence in high risk population using pillphone

The pillphone is backed by a medication study included in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (Volume 7/Issue 3, May 2013), which shows promise in improving medication adherence.

For the patient, the mobile app’s format makes the pillphone easy to download, understand, and use. In addition, it incorporates biometric authentication, allowing patient piece of mind that their sensitive medication information is protected and secured.

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Pillphone Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

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