Medication Adherence with the pillphone®

The pillphone® is a biometrically secured mobile health management application, powered by GoMobile Interactive®, that enables medication adherence. This FDA-cleared application offers interactive medication adherence reminders and information exchange to help healthcare payers, providers, and others connect with patients. By enabling real-time, two-way information exchange that engages patients, it tackles one of the toughest healthcare issues — medication adherence.

Clinical studies have shown the pillphone to help increase medication adherence, a critical factor in preventing further health issues and relapses. Best of all, the familiar mobile app’s format makes the pillphone easy to deploy and easy for patients to understand. It incorporates biometric authentication, so patients can feel secure that their sensitive medical information is protected. The pillphone has three distinctive medication adherence tools, depending on who uses it.

Patient Application
The medication adherence app, designed for the latest generation Android and iOS platforms, allows a user to quickly register, set up, and use their smartphone as a medication reminder device.

Caregiver Application
Caregiver medication adherence app utilize the same application as the patient app. Through the pillphone app, the patient has the option to request caregiver(s) by typing in a known email address. This will send the requested caregiver(s) an email notification containing a link to the pillphone app. Once installed, the caregiver will be able to view the patient’s Dosage Diary so that friends, family, or healthcare professionals may help the patient remember their medications.

Provider Portal
The pillphone’s revolutionary medication adherence system provides healthcare facilities and professionals, also known as providers, the ability to monitor, modify, and message their patients utilizing a web-based provider portal. This two-way communication platform allows providers the ability to help their patients maintain medication adherence.

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